Thursday, 10 November 2011

Psifork- No Ordinary Trifle

Psifork- No Ordinary Trifle
I’ve always been a HUGE fan of glitch music. However, the line between good glitch music and bad glitch music is always a fine one, which may be one of the reasons I have such an attraction to it, because when you do find a good glitch release it’s going to be pure golden. Here is one such golden release.
What really sets this release apart however, is the application of bass and general compositional prowess in the releases’ construction and structure of the songs. For example, ‘Bee-Itch’ starts as the release means to continue, with a glitchathon introduction followed by snaking glitchy melody coupled by a writhing and booty-shakin’ bassline.
Six tracks, and moderately lengthened ones too, may seem a bit foreboding for a glitch-based release (let’s face it, it’s not the easiest of genres to consume), but the difference and variety in tracks and even within tracks doesn’t bog the release down too much at all. Just as the release starts to drag slightly, the mid-section of ‘f#_wH17_HIP’ pulls you back into enjoying the release (with what is in my opinion the highlight of the release) before slowly sinking itself back into a full glitch-‘dance’ track with ‘Gloop~GlOOp~Gl00p’. Whilst you may think by listening to the aforementioned two tracks that Psifork may do better to shorten his introduction and get to the “action” quicker, I found the slow, and enjoyable, plod towards the inevitable hooks to be extremely worthwhile.  
EP closer ‘The Road Ah34d (Is Vast And Open)’ polished it off perfectly for me, with an easily danceable slow and drawn out syncopated drum pattern coupled with an unforgettable motif and perfectly complimentary bassline. Whilst this release may not be for everyone, and if you haven’t enjoyed glitch before this certainly won’t change your opinion of the genre, it is still an incredibly strong release with a hella lot going for it, though the emission of ‘March of Demoralization’ may have led to a smoother listen. Definitely a release WELL worth checking out!!!
1. Bee-Itch
2. :Meaty:
3. f#_wH17_H1P
4. Gloop~GlOOp~Gl00p
5. March Of Demoralization
6. The Road Ah34d (is vast and open)

The Release can be found for free on his bandcamp right here.

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