Thursday, 16 February 2012

Weekly Beats 2012- Week 6 Round-up

Best Of The Week: (Top 5)
1. The Industrialism-Implementation: Glitch-step. It, in all honesty, sounds like someone took Bar 9 into blender, took the fragments that remained, dissolved them in boiling water and then poured the water into a strainer made from barbed wire and razorblades. Disgusting genius that hits like a brick, and before creeps like a ghost story. More like this please!
For Fans Of: Bar 9, Monster X, Digi G Alessio

2. Little-Scale- Bandages: This track acts as another footnote in the huge line of unpredictable exploits from the Doctor of Chiptune (by more than just hyperbole, he’s legit a doctor), Little-scale once again sits astride a stead of experimental mayhem taken from the mind of someone who is either slightly disturbed, very bored, extremely intelligent, or a bit of all three. Trippy, glitch-filled madness leading through multiple ideas and phrases before setting up camp around where it begins dominate the recording, always sounding more like prose than a repetition, with a ukulele nearing the climax that, mixed with the synths, is pure gorgeousness.
For Fans Of: Flying Lotus, Ukulele's being misused, Weird shit 

3. Roboctopus-Xygloditic Wonk: Continuing his unstoppable reign of great tracks, Roboctopus this time decides to combine many more genres than should be possible with the chiptune sound, to create a dream-like wonderland of great melodies, harmonies and a cornucopia of unique and stunningly integral ideas. Each part holds and interlocks tightly to the other, forming a tight cohesion between the more traditional instrumentation and, well, the not so traditional. Another heart-stopping piece of work from Roboctopus, this guy is unstoppable.
For Fans Of: Anything that is music

4. Andarugo- Erich Zann: Improving on the already brilliant form showcased last week, Andarugo goes a step further by implementing some truly wondrous harmonies and melodies over a slowly snaking structure of downtempo bittersweet sounds ending in the definition of melancholy melody. Working outside his comfort zone, he has still managed to excel with a great deal of confidence and skill, and showing there is far more to his music than first meets the eye.
For Fans Of: HunterQuinn, Quantum Wave, aka The Cincinnati Chip Scene

5. Handcannon-Corroded: For a debut, this is outstanding. Bridging together lounge music atmosphere, 80’s electro funk and finally some nu-rave sounding glitch attacks, Handcannon has managed to craft a unique and extremely startling beast of a track. The drop, whilst not hard-hitting, is surprising enough to cause as much damage as if it were which speaks volumes of Handcannon’s compositional skill. If anything, this track has me very excited about future exploits from this artist, as with influences and genres this diverse, literally any region of music could be explored.
For Fans Of: Bebop (the nu-rave one not the dodgy rapper one), Midibyte, Lounge music.

Honourable Mentions:
AlexOgre-Sorrow: Some of the best melodies brought to LSDJ ever. Honestly a ground-shaking definer that makes AlexOgre’s ability to compose shine brightly.
Cooshinator-Cosecant: Pumping LSDJ heart-throbbing progressive brilliance, delivered by someone who is more than adept at weaving in unconventional structures and ideas to an already vibrant genre.
E.S.C-Fractured Thoughts: Glitchy and aggressive with an odd sort of swagger, and above all almost indescribable. Though it is a must listen for sure.
Frauimhotel-Untitled (Memories): Creepy, chilling and downright atmospheric, this brilliant mixture of samples and off-time acoustic glitching makes for a genuine listening experience.
Fuxter-Bad Grabsta: Hard beats with vocoder vocal work reminiscent of Seal Of Quality. Bit grainy on the mix side but does nothing to hinder the impact of this great track.
HunterQuinn-The Creature From Neptune Was Thirsty…For Carnage!: Taking his progressive styled house/dance/trance combo to another stunning height this week, HunterQuinn once again takes great care in utilising melodies and counter melodies to form confusing layers of beautiful harmonies and add a great sense of atmosphere.
Matt Patrick-Murder Of Crows: Beautiful instrumentation and stunningly poetic lyrics sung with stunning conviction and great amounts of style.
Orinoco-Gift Horse: Stunning sounds and good chords mix to form an other-worldly atmosphere that is second to none.
Then, A Dinosaur!-SAINT: Infectiously playful and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, with great enough music for it to dodge the novelty bullet.
ThursdayBloom-Siberia II: The second track in the Siberian series focuses more on noise, before using empty space and distant soundscapes to paint its bleak and impressive pictures in your mind.

cTrix Of The Week
The real beauty of this track comes from the subtle genius hidden in the quiet arpeggios and melodic harmonies they discreetly inject into the track, and coupled with a strong leading melody that delves in and out of dissonance eclectically and without a moment of hesitation, it is another fetchingly good piece of work. There are some really nice sounds here too, the synth in question sounds brilliant and in the hands of Mr.cTrix, it stuns.  

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