Saturday, 21 January 2012

Weekly Beats 2012- Week 2 Round-up

Best Of The Week: (Top 5)
1. Kedromelon-I Pray Thee…: When it’s done correctly, post-rock can be one of the most emotive and mind-blowing genres of music ever formulated. Too often, however, the genre seems to throw up the same song structures, the same atmospheres, the exact same sounds and so on; it’s difficult to find post-rock bands which aren’t in the upper crust who sound remotely distinct. However, Kedromelon manages to traverse through the minefield that is similar territory to create a truly unique post-rock piece, one that stands on strong next to the best of 65days.., Explosions… and Godspeed!....  This track is truly magical with everything from the guitar tones to the inclusion of a brief electronic excursion near the ‘climax’ and the unpredictable keeling into something other than the same riff in a higher octave. Genuinely mind-blowing work here!
For Fans Of: 65daysofstatic, Explosions In The Sky, Milhaven

2. Jiffypop23-Sour Milk: I’m going to lay it on the table now. I’m a metalhead. Through and through. My most favourite thing about metal is when bands manage to fuse beauty with brutality. It’s why I fell in love with bands like Arsis, Opeth, Alarum, Mastodon, Baroness etc the first time I listened to them. So what? Well here Jiffypop23 manages something very similar, managing to piece the truly beautiful harmonies created next  to some truly intense and brutal dubstep wobbles with a great deal of professional skill without it seeming forced and sounding very distinct. The result is astonishingly powerful.
For Fans Of: Bar 9, Cyberpunk, Unexpected shocks and resulting heart failure

3. Ok Ikumi-Commute: Atmosphere can destroy an otherwise perfect piece of melodic work, or turn something sonically undesirable into something truly irresistible. Ok Ikumi appears to have taken a fantastic range of melodies and coupled it with an insatiably melancholy atmosphere to create a truly wonderful piece of work, making this work unstoppable. One of the best tracks of the challenge I’ve heard up to this point.
For Fans Of: Ambience, Atmosphere (not the rapper),  Lots of synths

4. Derris-Kharlan-Ode To Cider Eyes: Brilliant harmonies and some fantastic almost oriental melodies combine to create a gorgeous piece that slowly blossoms until it sounds like cherry blossom floating through space.
For Fans Of: Starscream, Trash80’s melodies, Gradual progression

5. Tiasu-Eremophobia: Soft and emotive, this piano piece is a breath-taker. Coupled with the googled knowledge that eremophobia means fear of loneliness, this track takes on a whole new and far more striking meaning. Brilliantly written and perfectly executed, I am definitely looking forward to hearing more tracks like this from Tiasu in the future.
For Fans Of: Reflection, The Final Fantasy X Soundtrack, Pianos

Honourable Mention:
Dominga-2 Fiddy?!?!: Retro as fuck, gorgeously Vice City melody with a Daft Punk twist.
Dwight Davis-Hazard Warning: Hard, and I mean hard, house with some fakebit sprinklings and light wobble action. Great melodies round this off into a brilliant track with a lot going for it.
Little-scale-I Smile And Hand You My Umbrella: Desperate sounding and jaw-droopingly fragile, this piece composed for 12 celli is stunning.
Midimachine-The King And The Pauper: Sounding professional and huge, with some astonishingly good vocal work. Whilst not the genre of music I usually enjoy, I can’t help but respect his ability to formulate this song in such a short period of time. And the melodies and “Hey” samples are stellar.
Pocaille-Copypasta: Funky groove-laden dance beats and melodies make this fakebit a masterpiece, sounding like a cyberpunk’s wetdream and an off-cut of the Tron:Legacy soundtrack. This is genuinely huge.
Protman-096wb2: Glitch attack with some slick slides and creepy atmospheric backdrop, another stellar track from this artist!
Pulselooper-Domingo Seco: Great harmonies and progression, leaves you in almost trance-like state. Well-constructed and economically emotional in its use of notes, this piece is captivating to say the least.
Saskrotch-Kawaii 5-0: Chipbreak/gabber/bassy-wobble odyssey. Fucking epic in every right.
Sectorsept-Get With Me: Funky logic dance fun, some brilliant use of vocals in this and a great structure too.  
Trash80-UnceSawuce: IDM o’ clock over here. Brilliant track that ebbs and flows wondrously and is guaranteed to pull a bop or two out from you
VBO:Chip’s Challenge-Sudohbucks!: Sickly sweet melodies and some unexpected but brilliantly utilised instrumentation choices found throughout. I highly doubt it’s possible to come away from this one without a smile on your face, for between the brilliant songwriting capability of VBO on this track and the twisting variant-based structure, this is one of the most optimistically happy songs I’ve heard. Whilst the structure may be slightly predictable, the melodies are perfectly constructed so the way they’re ordered becomes a quick irrelevancy.

cTrix Of The Week
Sunday In The Park:
Wonderfully jazzy and chilled track which slowly unfurls into passionate spats before ebbing back into a downtempo-lounge act. Coupled with some brilliant use of the drums and a soft thoughtful atmosphere, this track is smooth as. Dropping jaws unexpectedly, cTrix once again creates an outstanding piece of music.

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