Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weekly Beats 2012- Week 3 Round-up

Best Of The Week: (Top 5)
1. Optimus Chad-Br00tal Thrash & Teal: Due to the exceptional work of Datathrash and the extreme dedication and passion of the artists featured on it, chipthrash seems to be expanding quite rapidly these days. One of the newest and brightest burning of stars from said subgenre here delivers what is not only his most brutal and intense piece of work (and one of the most face-crushing chipthrash songs ever), but also a genuine genre-definer. If you want to know what chipthrash is, here Optimus Chad has managed to dilute and distil the formula into a concentrated essence of rage.
For Fans Of: Kool Skull, Datathrash, Chipthrash

2. RobotSexMusic-My Angel: One of the two artists this week to make a return visit to my top 5, here RSM brosteps up, and I’m not even mad. Cheesy and corny as fuck, but the production is crisp to a tee, some beautiful melodies and harmonies, glitchy wobbles, incredible use of sampling near the climax; it’s brilliant.
For Fans Of: Skrillex, Glitch, Brostep

3. Kedromelon-Retreat: Building on the outstanding performance last week, Kedromelon pulls another show-stopper out of the bag, this time going for a cinematic post-rock influenced track which stumbles along before a piano break  and string crescendo unfurl into a gloriously ‘epic’ sounding closer.  Whilst last week could have been a fluke of genius, this week shows that actually, Kedromelon means business. I’ve paid £10 to stand in a dingy brick-floor room to hear FAR worse post-rock than this, enough said really.
For Fans Of: Cinematic music, Feeling epic, Post-Rock

4. MattNida-Automaton: Chilled and dub influenced, this track seeps an ambient atmosphere and has plenty of atmosphere to boot. Downtempo is a great genre, but more often than not the composer sets up their shop, so to speak, within the first minute, making the rest of the song, minus small ebbs and flows, an unnecessary presence. However, MattNida manages to constantly surprise whilst at no point letting up the determined chilled atmosphere, also never sounding forced through its duration.  Sublime.
For Fans Of: Metrodub, Feeling like you live in a city even if you don't, Piggies 

5. Spooked-Blowjob Smile: Delightfully titled with the tunes to match, Spooked’s sometimes eerie/sometimes euphorically happy does wonders to this track, dipping and diving between the two without a second of hesitation whilst tossing around influences ranging from trance to chip to drone.
For Fans Of: The Cincinnati Chip Scene sound, Fakebit4lyf, Schizophrenia  

Honourable Mentions:
Freque-I’m Not French: Jaw-dropping chip-salsa which delves into the crossing of genres better and more readily than anyone else has before (if anyone actually has?).
Godinpants-Dick In A Shoe: I’m not even sure what this is. I just like it a ridiculous amount. Great use of drums also.
Jiffypop23-Goat Cheese: Punching you full on in the face in a more straight forward way this week, with a deadly build-up before crunching drop and then some inventive wobble use.
Lazerbeat-Soundtrack Doodle: funky and reminiscent of yonder times, this addictively groovy track hits you with many different flavours before coming full-circle. Not flamboyant, but perfectly realised.
Mutants & Mongoloians-Make Dem Realize: Reggae-infused dubstep, sounds like summer in every way it is possible for a song to sound like summer, minus any lyrics about it being summer or summertime approaching.
Pocaille-Flying Triangle: Delivering another retro-fuelled funky house track, if you like what Pocaille has done up to this point, you won’t be disappointed here.
Ryan-Dr.Not The Nine O’clock News: This track starts of as an ambient and almost post-rock sounding affair before the strings slowly lift it out of its stupor, where the piano then helps throw its wings out. A beautiful piece of music.
Sphax-Deep East (Polish Monkey): Trip hop with some incredible uses of sampling to draw you into its swirling vortex of off-time relaxation
Tiasu-Agathakalogical: Peaceful but with more electornic flavour than last week’s, this chilled downtempo piece does what it sets out to do without a seconds hesitation.
Trash80-Within Time: Classic Trash80. Bittersweet and unforgettable dance music. Killer stuff from beginning to end.

cTrix Of The Week
Sequential 202:
Starting with a brilliant arpeggio and some slowly building melodies which wash over the top, all with a retro vibe that sticks in your throat, before fizzling out into a cymbal tapping spat, slowly and dynamically sucking you in before another lead kicks you back out into another slow building and hypnotic phrase. If you leave this piece without having entered a trance-like state, you weren’t listening hard enough to do this brilliant track the justice it deserves. The fact this was “just mashed” makes me very envious. 

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Struggled with this one, so the praise means a lot. Matt